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Odd Start up Problem of VAIO SONY

Odd Start up Problem of VAIO SONY

Dear Friends,

I have a Vaio Laptop VPCEB1S1E/BJ.... I live in Germany...

My  Laptops has a problem. When i startup every morning, i see the switch  button (green in color) light up , and i can hear the machine starting  but no logo of Vaio appears neither does Bios. Within seconds, all of  sudden it stops and light turns off. And from this on green light  continues to only blink. After couple of attempts by pressing the  button, the computer start up normally and show's windows has some  error. (i choose start normally) the computer boot up normal and then  whole of day I have no issue, even if i shutdown the computer for 4 to 6  hour during day.

I shutdown computer every night normally and installed the fresh  Window 7 OS several time to check if that's the reason, I have also reinserted the CMOS battery cable.

Also tried,

I tried to boot with a  DVD drive .  But, was not picked up by my Machine. I have set Bios such to First  priority to DVD drive still it does not pick it up and proceeds to USB  or Internal Hard drive. However, when computer completes the Loading  Windows i can access DVD/CD drive as normal from My computer option.

Can anyone help me....

With Regards



Odd Start up Problem of VAIO SONY

Hi Tony,

I think(not sure), that the board has a big failure.. rsp. Your Ram.. That´s what I guess..

But please ask DJKALLE(here) for a Check- Program.. thx